Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obviously I Suck at Blogs

A month has gone by and I haven't blogged once.
I did think about it once or twice... I just never found the time.

I took my NERBS for anesthesia a couple of weeks ago and still haven't heard the results yet.  Once I get the results I still have to apply to the State of New Jersey for my license.  What a pain in the ass!
I'm worried I'll wait so long that I'll forget how to give the mandibular block I'm not worried about any of the other injections.  To try and stay in the loop I keep watching all the dentists at my office inject just to remember what to do.
Lets pray the NERB and State of New Jersey move fast.

Picture of the Day...

 My second youngest patient to date.  This is a one month old baby.
The mother brought her, concerned because two teeth had appeared a week or so ago and that they made breastfeeding not so comfortable.
We were able to get an mandibular occlusal xray.  
The doctor determined that these are the patients deciduous teeth.    
One month old with teeth #O-P erupted

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