Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth

My daughters boogie boarding in the moonlight.
The Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth...  Someone took the summer off from blogging.  Me!

Lol.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted to the blog.  The summer just flew by as usual.

Between work, kids, another cracked laptop screen followed by a hard drive that needed to be replaced I couldn't seem to find the time.  (My nine year old daughter has an amazing knack for stepping on the computer.)

When I finally did get a chance to relax I found myself at the beach or mostly sitting on a secluded part of my yard that my mother calls "the Park".  Too bad its getting chilly outside.  It sure is relaxing out there.  Oh well I love the fall too.

That's me relaxing on the beach while watching my two daughters boogie board.  My daughters and I love to go after I get home work during the week.  For the locals the weekend at the beach just seems so crowded.  Notice the moonlight shinning off of the ocean.   I love it.


For those of you that are interested about how my local anesthesia license is going.   I love my new skill.

I was nervous at first but since I work in a very busy office I tend to give local anesthesia (LA) almost every day that I work and sometimes 2-5 times in a day for myself and the other hygienists if the doctors don't have time.

I did put my foot down when my manager thought that I would be doing every injection for the other hygienists whenever they had a SRP.  I pleaded my case to the owner stating that I took the course to make my work day more easier and make myself a more valuable employee.  Besides I don't want the liability of giving anesthesia for someone else's patient unless I really have to.

My boss agreed.  So now I officially do my own LA.   I agreed to help only if the doctors are really backed up and I am not in the middle of cleaning my own patient.

Even though I didn't blog I did try to get pictures of anything that I found interesting while I was at work.  Since its been so long I'll post more then one patients pictures today.

Patient 1.
This young boy is congenitally missing deciduous tooth #N.
Reviewing the x-ray shows that there is a strong possibility that he also has fused in his future.
Wonder what were the chances of that happening?
congenitally missing deciduous tooth #N

congenitally missing deciduous tooth #N
and #23-24 appear to be fused.

Patient 2.
This patient appears to have the same kind of things going on as the previous child.
Note the patient is missing deciduous tooth #O and #Q-R are fused together.

deciduous tooth #O and #Q-R are fused together

deciduous tooth #O and #Q-R are fused together

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