Sunday, October 9, 2011

Megan, Braces, the Golden Scaler and What the H E Double Hockey Sticks??

Picture of the Day...

What the H E Double Hockey Sticks??
During the month of August it reached 102 degrees in Atlantic City.
On the way home from work I noticed a old man in short-shorts, knee high red socks and a sweater buttoned up to his belly button waiting patiently for the bus.  I have a feeling the shorts and sweater were his deceases wife's old clothes   He made me smile.  To each his own.  

The picture above had nothing to do with anything but it always makes me smile.  :)

Megan got Braces!!!
She's a difficult case so she'll probably have to wear them for three years.
Her jaw slopes downward giving her an open bite and to make matters worse she has partially impacted teeth #19 and 30.  I have no dental insurance so surgery of any kind is out of the question. When I was a Certified and Registered Dental Assistant (CDA, RDA) I used to be the assistant for her orthodontist. He does great work.  He also did braces for my niece and her teeth look great.  I trust the work that he does and look forward to seeing the end result.
Megan plays field hockey for her middle school (probably why I thought of the picture above) so we went out right away to buy her a mouthguard specifically designed to protect her teeth and fit around the brackets.  It's florescent pink.
She looks so beautiful brackets, mouthguard and all.

Lol.  Megan ready to get her braces placed.

Megs new braces.
Megs new braces.


This week was busy. Yay.  
I'm the type of person that would rather be busy then sit around all day. So I guess you could say the week was good.  I got two hours overtime at my hourly job and my second job, which I work for a percentage of the production was well, productive.  If I made production at my main job I'd be the happiest hygienist around.  Wanna know why??

In this weeks meeting with the Big Boss I was told that I am the highest producing dental hygienist out of all the five offices in our corporation.  Wow.  I had a feeling but it was nice to see it in writing.  During a phone conversation the Regional Manager told me that since I started working for the company in May 2010,  I've raised the bar for what is expected from a dental hygienist.  Sorry ladies  I didn't mean to make your lives harder.  I swear.

Each week the dental hygienists get a printout with a list of our production for the week, our weeks production average and our weekly ranking amongst all the hygienists out of all the five offices in the corporation.  It's presented in a chart and our production and stats are displayed right along with all the other hygienists stats for all to see.  So anybody with a competitive mind, ie: Me, will strive to be number one.  

I'll admit it, the other hygienists didn't really like my style when I first started to work for this company.  They even tried hard to get me to quit.  What they didn't understand was that I was trained to work hard and effeciently.  I wasn't trying to make them look bad.  I was working hard out of habit besides the fact that I needed the job and the money.

When I started working as a dental assistant I was trained by a general dentist who worked hard and expected his employees to work the same way too.  I credit him for teaching me most of what I know today including my strong work habits.  (Thanks Ira!)

Maggie and Mommy-  Pre Braces
But I digress. 

Each month the hygienist with the highest monthly average for the month gets a $100 gift card to Wawa.  I've won four times so far this year. My boss jokes that if I win one more time he's gonna award me a "Golden Scaler".   This month I lost by a daily average of $17.47.  My boss joked that if only I did just one more sealant per day and I would've won.  Dammit.  I blame it on the flu that I've fought for two of those weeks and still feel like I'm fighting today.  I'm gonna miss the $100 giftcard but I guess other people have to win too. :(


This week was exciting because my niece Rachel was in the Homecoming parade and court for her high school.  My dad came down from NY and drove her and her escort/boyfriend in his convertible hunter green Corvette during the parade.  She looked supermodel beautiful as usual. (Although she doesn't realize it)  She said it was an amazing experience.  She wasn't chosen Homecoming Queen but in my book she won. Good job Ray!

Rachel with her escort/boyfriend Nick and driven by her Pop-Pop aka my dad Paul during the Homecoming Parade.

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