Friday, November 25, 2011

"I'll be late", Dumb Laptops and Thanksgiving with the kids

"I'll be late"...  One of her favorite lines to tell me when I need an exam,  from my favorite dentist,  friend and Indian Princess- Dr. D.

Once again life got in the way of blogging.   I thought about blogging each weekend but God had other plans.

I got the flu followed by bronchitis.  I feel much better now,  My mother has been very ill and was hospitalized for almost two weeks.  She's home now and just taking it one day at a time. Please say a prayer for her improved health as you read this.

And finally my stupid laptop just went and died   How rude.
It was my second Toshiba laptop which was already repaired three times.  I vow it will also be my last Toshiba I'll ever buy,  The damn laptop seemed to have nothing but problems.  Don't laugh but I think its cursed.

I made a pact with myself that I would finish writing my book that I started a couple of years back.  I started the book when I had a much more time to write it.  I promised that once I got my laptop I would transfer handwritten book,  type it up and finish it on my laptop.  I didn't get far, I backed out of the deal.  

So here I sit, typing away on my daughters netbook, another Toshiba.  :(   She loves it but all I keep thinking either my hands are way too big or the keys are small like a microdont teeth.  So small and inefficient,  the keyboard is way too small to work on.  Good thing she has tiny hands.

I want to continue with the blog and revamp my book from the beginning.  I plan to redo the book right here in blog form I can't wait to start.  Since I have three days off in a row from work I think I'll start today.

Speaking of microdonts  (you had to know that was coming) ...
Here's one I've never seen before a microdont bicuspid #13  found in a twenty something white female.  It was so cute.

Microdont bicuspid tooth #12
Notice the palatal tori

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. My family and I had a wonderful day together.  I even tried to get all the kids to sit down for a quick family picture.  I just needed one good picture so I could blow it up and frame it for the Christmas gifts.  Getting the kids to be serious for a minute took a lot longer then I thought it would.  Here's the group, my daughters, niece and nephews being silly as usual.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Life is a Hot Mess.

My Life is a Hot Mess...
Megan hearts her Mommy!
Mommy hearts Megan!

I apologize for being out of touch but if all goes well I'll be up and running shortly.

My life is currently a hot mess and you know there's never a dull moment but my family life always comes first.  So todays blog is short and sweet.

                                       First and foremost let me say happy birthday to my daughter Megan who turned 12 recently.


Below are two pictures of a hispanic female in her forties who is a chronic bilateral cheek biter.  She said she doen't even realize when she does it.  The area isn't uncomfortable or painful to her at all.

chronic bilateral cheek biter
left cheek

chronic bilateral cheek biter
right cheek