Sunday, May 20, 2012

extra tooth, aka supernumerary tooth

Sorry but todays post will be short and sweet.
The new Blogger App
I have a more pictures to post in the coming weeks I just need to remind myself to do it.  Lucky for me Blogger finally has a app that makes it easy to publish pictures from my phone.  Their old was of publishing from my iPhone was useless.  I tried it once and never used it again.  The new app seems to be a bit easier although I'll admit that once I uploaded the pics to the blog I switched over to my laptop to do the typing. 

Sir,  Your Extra Tooth is Wreaking Havoc in Your Mouth
This adult male (age34) is from India and currently living in the U.S.A,   He came into the office for tooth pain. The poor guy couldn't understand why he had a toothache, why the dentist couldn't "just fix it" and why it has to go. The x-ray helped to plead the dentists case. The dentist also suggested a orthodontic consult for the extra tooth.  The patient declined.   The patient did agree to have a oral surgeon consult  for evaluation and treatment of the teeth. No word yet on how he made out. 

XRAY-  The extra tooth, aka supernumerary tooth, has erupted distal-lingual to tooth #14

The extra tooth, aka supernumerary tooth, has erupted distal-lingual to tooth #14


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